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ACCELERATION & INNOVATION THROUGH SATELLITE APPLICATIONS SARAWAK 2019 CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION (AISAS 2019) invites participants to explore the possibilities and vast opportunity brought by space technology. Featuring leading international speakers in satellite applications, the World Bank, scientists in the related fields, the main objective of the conference is to help decision makers, players in the various economic sectors, business leaders, entrepreneurs including techpreneurs to have a better insight of what more this powerful technology has to offer.

The conference is also held in line with the Sarawak Digital Economy Strategy 2019-2022 where it aims to demonstrate how satellite applications can be harnessed to accelerate growth in the key sectors of the economy.

What Can You Benefit From AISAS 2019?

Government, national economies and individuals all depend on satellite technology in so many ways.

AISAS 2019 brings you to meet with brilliant minds who are changing the world using satellite applications technology.

Don't miss your chance to be part of this orbit.

Learn From The Experts

Learn from the Experts

A rare opportunity for you to learn from the experts how satellite applications can help accelerate transformation into a digital economy that offers a chance for a higher income

Economic Benefits

Economic Benefits

AISAS 2019 will enlighten you on how satellite applications can offer economic benefits in terms of sustainable and profitable agriculture, efficient port and ship traffic systems and creation of opportunities for youths

Form Valuable Connections

Form Valuable Connections

Chance to network with like-minded people who, just like you, believe that satellite applications are the driving force of change

Acquire Environmental Solutions

Acquire Environmental Solutions

AISAS 2019 is the place to learn how satellite applications can effectively help address issues of global concern such as deforestation, land and marine pollution, loss of wildlife habitat, illegal poaching and fishing, spread of contagious diseases and natural disasters

Discover Unlimited Opportunities

Discover Unlimited Opportunities

Be inspired and amazed at the unlimited possibilities satellite applications have to offer, whether it is to help Sarawak accomplish its digital economy dream by 2022 or make your business more productive through better connectivity, protect and monitor State and personal assets or create endless opportunities to generate a higher income

KASI Group

Our Hosts

KASI Group

KASI is a private company founded in Malaysia in 1979. Today it has 4 regional offices and is headquarted in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The company's managing director is Datuk Captain Walter J. Nair. Key committees, including the Compliance Committee, report directly to the Executive Management Committee. We operate as an independent, professional firm providing professional analysis, advice and support in marine engineering and navigation, and in the management of maritime traffic.

KASI has a 40-year track record of achievement in the maritime industry progressing into provision of specialist consultancy services including shiphandling simulation. We have a unique mix of know-how, assets and facilities including state of the art 3D modelling laboratories, a full range of computational modelling tools and, above all expert staff with skill and experience working as a team under the KASI Group.

KASI has a pedigree of excellence and a tradition of innovation which we sustain by reinvesting profits from our operations into programmes of research and development, designed to keep us, and our clients and partners, at the leading edge. With headquearters in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and a regional office in Singapore, KASI reaches out to clients locally and regionally through a network of strategic partnerships and alliances.

Borneo Centralised Monitoring Centre (BCMC)

BCMC (Borneo Centralised Monitoring Centre) Sdn Bhd is a privately held bumiputera information technology services company with Command Centres in Kuching, Sarawak and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The company is a digital startup and provides integrated design and operate solutions to clients in the following sectors: Manufacturing, Agriculture and Fisheries, Public Sectors, Intelligence and Surveillance, Transportation and Utilities. Its portfolio includes IOT telematics solutions, System Integration, Consulting, and Cloud-based and Satellite observation solutions.


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